The Two Koreas: Science Island

A brand new sub-genre called glacial-garage has been created by Toronto’s own The Two Koreas. The band has an MGMT and Art Brut sound, and the lyrics are just like poetry with the way that he rhymes and enunciates his words.

The song “Midnight Brown” is like a small child on a sugar high; loud, fun and fast, which just kicks up the energy in the listener. The band gives the listener a chance to relax from the previous trip with “Hotel Christiania.” The fourth song, “Haunted Beach,” starts off by sounding almost space ship-like followed by ominous keyboards that repeat throughout the song. “Diamond Geezer,” is one of the weaker pieces of the album, there’s nothing too special about either the instruments or the vocal delivery.

In a completely different light, “Disco-Slave Songs,” had a delivery that just kept me bobbing my head and tapping my toes. Even though the instruments on this particular song had more of a straight up rock feel, it worked. The bass on “Withering Heights” stood out the most, even over the drums and guitar. The 45-second track, “Dinck Helen,” had an Explosions In The Sky feel. “Karl Johans Gate,” has a very bouncy vibe to it, which starts to bring the album to a close. The cut that ends the release, “Majored In Swimming,” is mellow, upbeat and could very well be one of the strongest tracks on the album next to “Midnight Brown.”

Science Island is fun, energetic, and mellow all at the same time. I would recommend giving it a listen before you pass up on this very-talented band.

In A Word: Explosive