The Sounds: Something To Die For

The Swedish new-age band The Sounds are back and will be releasing their fourth studio album, Something To Die For, on March 29. Many of the tracks are filled with high energy beats that will make you want to get up and dance. The new release is largely based around love, breakups, staying together and longing.

“The No No Song” is a great song to throw at anyone who has hurt you. “Better Off Dead” is a nice counterpart to “The No No Song” lyrically, and even through the pulse of the song. “Something To Die For,” is a great song to put on and get yourself pumped up for something that you’re passionate about. It starts off slow and just kicks up the energy.

“Yeah Yeah Yeah” is another track that is insulting another person, but it is a step up from “The No No Song” in the sense that it is more in your face and tough. In, “Won’t Let Them Tear Us Apart,” there is a theme of not letting anything hurt your partner. The final cut, “Wish You Were Here,” is acoustic and pretty sad, especially when lead singer Maja Ivarsson begins to reminisce about the good times she and whomever is being referenced had. This album doesn’t have a weak track on it and all the songs blend well with each other. Lyrically and instrumentally they are all powerful tracks.

In A Word: Wonderful