The Albertans: New Age

This band is the definition of hard work. After forming in Vancouver in 2008, the band hopped on a bus and toured everywhere from their home territory, to San Diego, to New York, exploring new and exciting places, while playing the music they love. After two years, they now cite both Vancouver and New York as their home cities. The Albertans are now ready to release their second studio album, New Age, on March 8.

They call themselves an indie rock band, and after starting the album, I got a nice feel for their acoustic rock style. The music was not too overpowering. It was a relaxing, yet a fun track list kept my attention throughout the first half of the album. The smooth instrumentals were fronted by the soft yet captivating lyrics. The first song, “Jackpot” was the one that I think could be a hit.

After being very impressed by the first few tracks, towards the end, my interest began to fade. The songs became less and less separate, until eventually they all sounded like the same thing over and over. The potential for a great album was there at the start, but the finish was poor. I still recommend the record, because of the chill feel all around, but The Albertans could have hit a home run with a better finish.

In A Word: Lacking