Get Help: The Good Green Earth

What really got me wondering what Get Help sounded like was their Earthy-looking album art (which goes perfectly with the album title). The four-piece made up of Gene D’Avolio, Mike Ingenthron, Tony Skalicky and John Van Atta are getting ready to release The Good Green Earth on May 10. The different vocal styles of both Ingenthron and Skalicky didn’t clash as much as I expected but you can feel the mood change when the singer does.

Starting off the album, “The Opulence Of A Clear Blue Sky,” which is a mix of sing/speak vocals and a fairly catchy guitar riff. In contrast, “Early Hours,” is full of keys, ahhhs and achy lyrics like, “I bid you farewell, good luck with your life but I’m losing sleep over you.” “Little Symbols” has the most epic instrumentals on this entire CD. With only about a minute of vocals and hard-hitting instrumentals that grab onto you, this is my favorite song.

The final two pieces of the album are darker than the rest of the album. “What We Talk About” is dark, yet honest. The basic principle of the song seems to be to say what you mean, which many can understand. The slightly country finale, “Crooked Streets,” seems like something one could hear the local drunk singing at a bar, which makes for an interesting way to end an album.

In A Word: Emotive