Reality Check: Reader’s Responses

Ah, once again…bingo! (THE IDES OF LIBYA – Issue: 3/30/11) You hit the nail on the head with this one, sir. It is hard to believe that someone could be so friggin’ consistent as to one’s views, no matter who inhabits the White House. Exactly where are the Left Wing Anti-War voices now when their guy is in charge. New guy. Same shit. And Lord knows it is not going to change anytime soon. I applaud your honesty, and whether you support Obama or not for holding your nose and saying what needs to be said and writing in the straight forward no bullshit way in which you do.


—Adam ZZZZ



Thank you for that. That was so clear so true, and so right.

I mean it, I’m so sick of it; of this war, of that war, and of the military complex, itself. And I think you are right, it doesn’t matter who is in charge, the real rule in this country is war.

I know Costa Rica is a little country, and it doesn’t have the complexity that the United States has, but somewhere around 1945 , they had leaders who had vision. And the guts to stand up for that vision. And when they abolished their army, they gave the world a gift. A working principal to- not just say it, but to do it. If you have ever been there, you will find a people who are so proud to be a people without an army. I hope one day, I can feel the same. Until then, I remain sick to my stomach.


—Laura Debona



You think there’s any chance these assholes like Paul Ryan will dismantle this useless pustule known as the U.S. Armed Forces and quit this sinkhole of crap it is embroiled in all over the fucking place. They go after public television, but bomb Libya? What a joke we are. It is over. The Fifties are over, and Patton is as dead as a doornail. We own nothing and owe everything. We are the world’s moral compasses? We can save everyone? Who the fuck are these “rebels” anyway? Do we even know? How is it that we cannot provide money for our injured brothers and sisters – the first responders of 9/11– and we have money for this horrible crap?

You are right. This is wrong for this country and for this president and this time.

Thank the God for people like you in this blathering din of political commentary.






Don’t talk to me of the “whole of your lifetime”. It was our generation of environmentalist wackos that caused this. Back in the day, when America was truly a super power, we were sucking oil out of the ground in Texas (remember “Texas Tea”), we were drilling in Pennsylvania, in Alaska, in California and in the Gulf of Mexico. Well, the baby boomer and Gen X environmentalist wackos put a stop to that. They now whine about “blood for oil” in the Middle East despite recognizing the fact that they put us there. Had they not interfered with domestic drilling, this whole Middle East thing would be at best a mild curiosity.

Obama should be pissed about one thing. How quickly Khadaffi disregards him and U.S power. In 1986, Reagan blew up his living room and he shut up for almost 20 years. Dubya comes in with guns blazing and Khaddafi promises to dismantle his nuke weapons program. Obama comes strolling into town and what does Khaddafi do? He throws up the digits and says “come get some”.

Yes, this is a mistake, no doubt. I see no acceptable reason to be France’s bitch and use U.S military assets to protect the French oil supply. If France doesn’t like it, we should pimp slap them and cut to the front of the line and fill up a few tankers for free bound for BayWay Refinery on the Turnpike. There is no reason we should be there and as for ground troops to help mop this up?? Oh HELL NO!

Obama was already seen as weak and a follower. This will do nothing to disprove or diminish that portrait.

By the way, when can we expect the Springsteen tour to oppose this “imperialist President” who is “shitting on the Constitution” and using “tricks”?



Bill Roberts



Why the is eff is Obama offering Brazil $2 billion to support their off shore drilling efforts when we can’t drill offshore here, and when Dems are pushing alternative sources of energy and less reliance on foreign oil?? OMG, get him out of office!!!! The man is the most destructive, INCOMPETENT, hypocritical president this nation has ever seen. I can’t stand it any more.


—Elizabeth Vengen esq.



I happen to be in the minority, I think. I am a conservative, but I think what Obama is doing in Libya is reasoned and strong and I support it whole-heartedly. It is the right thing to do, Mr. Campion. This lunatic has to go. We cannot allow people to be massacred like in Darfur. We owe it to the world for it not to always be about us. I actually think this is far more reasonable than anything Bush did. Heck, I have to agree with this move by our president, and believe me when I say, when it comes to Obama this is a rarity for me.


—Geoff Taggart


James Campion is the Managing Editor of The Reality Check News & Information Desk and the author of Deep Tank Jersey, Fear No Art, Trailing Jesus and Midnight For Cinderella.