Black Stone Cherry: Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea

Straight out of Edmonton, KY, is the rock band Black Stone Cherry. They released albums in 2006 and 2008, and their new album, Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea, is out this week. The disc’s name is basically a metaphor for being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The first track, “White Trash Millionaire,” is the first single off the album, and rightfully so. It is a pretty badass song, containing a solid chorus and an impressive, lengthy guitar solo. “Killing Floor” has a rock and roll theme, and it’s a very exciting song. It wouldn’t surprise me if becomes the second single off the disc. Fathers with daughters will experience some deep emotions while listening to “Such A Shame.” Doing what you want to do and not letting anything get in your way to becoming successful is described on “Like I Roll.” Some other songs worth mentioning are “In My Blood” and the violent “Change.”

On the whole, the album is a bit harder than their previous, Folklore And Superstition, but not by much. That said, this CD shocked me. It was very satisfying to listen to and I think it will launch them to them to the next level.

In A Word: Awesome