The Wombats: This Modern Glitch

With their second full-length album since the U.S.-only release of The Wombats EP, The Wombats are back with a vengeance. Their latest release, This Modern Glitch is full of catchy choruses, fun, head-bopping and feet-tapping beats that may have the listener off of their feet. Even the slower tracks, have a bit of a beat that the listener could at least sway to.

“Our Perfect Disease” starts the album off with more of a rock feel, with hints of an electronic tone. But this changes with the electro-rock tune, “Tokyo (Vampires And Wolves).” This track is loud, danceable and catchy, which makes it the perfect first single off of the album. Even “Jump Into The Fog,” a slightly slower song compared to the previous two, still maintains a swinging beat to keep the listener grooving.

“Anti-D” gives off a sadder, yet romantic vibe. “Last Night I Dreamt…” has a very melancholy feel to it. The elated beat and mood is back with “Techno Fan.” What can be interpreted as a semi-sweet love jam, “1996” is swayable and full of emotion. With more of a story feel to it, “Walking Disasters,” has its relatable moments. “Girls/Fast Cars” seems to be an upbeat, no filter song about what singer Matthew Murphy likes. “Schumacher The Champagne” closes out the release, and it isn’t as catchy or even toe tapping as the rest of the release.

In A Word: Fun