Reality Check: Readers Responses

You are on fire this week, great piece. (WEINERGATE – Issue: 6/15/11) However, the one place you reversed course was in saying that Bill Clinton did something horribly wrong. He got a blowjob in the oval office. By your own arguments, that has nothing to do with his ability to do his job and breaks no laws. Up to that point I was with you 100%. Weiner cannot be taken seriously but did nothing illegal. Let’s forget it and move on to the next juicy scandal.

—J. Young


Does it have to be a crime committed? I am far from perfect, but what ever happened to moral and social behavior, self-respect and discipline? Do we really just shake our heads and say “Oh Well.” Should we not at least try to be better human beings? Is being a GOOD LIBRIAL [sic] more important? Really, where is the hypocrisy. But you left out Dodd, Byrd and Frank, real stalwarts.

—Ralph Genovese


Damn right Weiner shouldn’t resign. He should fight this thing, but he won’t. And he won’t for the very reason you wrote this column, and I applaud it; the Two–Party System, which is broken. It is broken in Washington and broken at the state level, county level, town level. I know you’ve written it over and over and over and over, but there not only has to be viable independent candidates, but a viable, bankable, reasonable, winnable third party in this country.

—Salvador X


Anthony Weiner has a sexual deviance, but did not commit a crime. You know who has a sexual deviance, but did commit a crime and is still working in congress, Senator David Vitter, who was busted in 2007 for soliciting prostitutes in Louisiana. How come Weiner has to go? New York liberal? Jew? Loud mouth? Hated for his brash ambitions?




I don’t know about the article… But the title alone gets two snaps up.

—Kevin McCormick


You had me at the title, which still makes me laugh (in fact, the whole article made me laugh). I love, for example, the concept of “congressional dipshits.” Sublime.

But unlike others before him Anthony Weiner should resign. If it were just a case of bad personal judgment I would say yeah, keep your job like many dipshits before you, but the guy just doesn’t seem to have the kind of brains or intellectual flexibility that, say, Bill Clinton has. Compound that lack with arrogance with a capital A and he simply falls short. In other words, the guy’s not just a weiner, he’s a wanker. In a word, UGH!

—bldg #2


How many more shirtless congressmen are on the Internet?



You’re thoughts on the Chris Christie candidacy for President are intriguing. (THE COURTSHIP OF CHRIS CHRISTIE – Issue: 6/22/11) While it is painfully true the Republican field is weak and would probably not challenge Obama now, it would be wise for Christie to wait as there will be an ample opening in 2016. Of course that is a billion years from now in the political world and he’s the It Guy now, so maybe he should strike while the irons hot. But I support, as it appears you do, his will to finish the job in New Jersey and then see how he fares in the national arena.

—Andrew Kelly


Chris Christie is a loud, arrogant, combative, wise-ass fucker, and so it makes perfect sense you like him.




Good God, this microwave timed society we live in just cannot stand for two seconds and let something, anything breathe for Christ’s sake! As much as the Repub’s need a candidate with balls like Christie, let the man fix F’d up NJ first before pulling him into the putrid Washington swamp where all souls go to wither and die. It’s this just-showed-up-to-the-party-so-let’s-worship-them attitude which has most younger generationers thinking Brittany Spears is anywhere near as relevant Madonna, or the music industry reporting with all seriousness that Glee’s CD broke Beatles records. I only hope that the Mayan predictions of the end of the world in 2012 are true…

—Ken Eustace


No nonsense talker is always a welcome addition to the political arena, and Christie is as no nonsense as it gets. He recently told a radio questioner that asked about his children going to private school while he was chopping public school budgets, that it was none of her business what he does with his children, and he’s right. Unfortunat­ely, Christie has lost me forever in his refusal to state that school is not the place to teach creationis­m or anything else religious. His own Catholicis­m has gotten the better of him, as religion almost always does.



You’re right; he doesn’t have to answer why he chooses private schools while chopping public school budgets. He should be answering why it’s necessary to chopper into his son’s private school with taxpayer-funded resources while using bully tactics to preach fiscal responsibi­lity. This notion that he’s protecting his kids’ privacy with his answer is a fail as well. When you are landing a helicopter at the school, chauffeured to the stands, then interrupt to leave in the 5th inning, someone’s gonna notice. Before I’m told he paid for it, I already know. The RNC covered it for him after it became a press story where he called himself a great dad. Good dads show up, a great dad would’ve watched to whole game.



Those attracted to reflexive bullying will find much to love in NJ’s Governor Christie. As for me, ugh.



The Republicans had better hope Christie or someone runs next fall, because this gaggle of idiots, religious nuts, half-assed Reagonite wannabees will dissipate any of the outrage from this crap economy and hand the independent vote right back over to Obama. Could you imagine this mumbling, stumbling crowd wearing down over an election cycle?

What the fuck is wrong with Mitt Romney? Is he a fucking robot now? Pawlenty is a wimp. Gingrich is certifiable. This Michelle Bachmann character is a half-wit and what’s with the pizza guy saying he favors patriotic oaths for Muslims? What is he McCarthy meets Himmler?

Yes, Chris Christie, please!

—Harry Hood


James Campion is the Managing Editor of The Reality Check News & Information Desk and the author of Deep Tank Jersey, Fear No Art, Trailing Jesus and Midnight For Cinderella.