Supagroup: Hail! Hail!

Any classic rock enthusiast can appreciate what Supagroup brings to the table; it’s as clear as day. Both the title track, “Hail! Hail! (Rock And Roll),” and “Sexy Summertime” should be on any summer mix tape because of how much they’ll draw the listener in and have them beg for more. In contrast to the two previous songs that had a lighter feel to them, “Back In The Game” and “That’s Enough Boys” bring a certain roughness to the album, both have an extra sense of badassness due to Chris Lee‘s vocals. A Southern influence is present during “Where’d You Put The Whiskey?” The first half of the album ends on a more sentimental note with “Down He Goes” and “Along The Yangtze.” The acoustic instrumental “Along The Yangtze” is full of beautiful guitar harmonies brought by the Lee brothers.

Both “Dear Hong Kong” and “The Bold Are Doomed To Die” starts the second half of the album, but on a weaker note than the first half. However, “Lion In The Age Of The Cage,” is like a bat out of hell with super-charged drums and wailing guitars. An album doesn’t seem complete without a track like “Crazy Too,” one about a crazy partner that is still in the picture. “Never Bring A Knife To A Gunfight” is funky and bluesy, which adds to its larger than life sound. “And The Sun Will Still Shine” acts like a palate cleanser to wipe the drool from the listener’s mouth.

Supagroup is indeed a super group. Hail! Hail! brings more than shredding guitars and kickass drums; it brings a good time.

In A Word: Badass