Escape Directors: The Crowded Room

The sophomore release can be a dreaded one however NJ’s own Escape Directors have nothing to worry about. They beat the sophomore slump with a five-song EP that is equal parts Death Cab For Cutie, Jimmy Eat World and Radiohead. With influences that will earn street credibility with fans of the most obscure indie rock, and legendary producer Jim Wirt guiding them, The Crowded Room reached its full potential.

The album launches with “The War Outside,” which starts off with a guitar part that will keep you humming the notes all day. The verses have a very loose feel and pour into heavy transitions, whereas “Set Fire To A Crowded Room” has a chorus that you can tell will be sung so loudly by the crowd at a show, it will be near impossible to hear singer Steve Carter.

The first single off the EP is “The Distant Past.” It’s a tale about love, and is definitely going to be in the running for some listener’s wedding song in the future. “Long Flights” is the most experimental the band has gone, but whereas some bands don’t pull off the “experimental” track on the record, Escape Directors make it the standout, along with closer “Money Changes Everyone,” which is perhaps the best song the band has written to date.

The Crowded Room is going to be the first step the band takes towards a long, promising career, and if you don’t hop on now, you’re going to be kicking yourself later.

In A Word: Escapism