Band Of Beards: Fuerteventura

Unsure of where they are going or what they will do next is the Band Of Beards, reaching out from Trenton, diving into the hearts of beard enthusiasts with Fuerteventura. The eight-track record begins with “The First One,” a catchy bar anthem with trembling punk-rock vocals, “I’m in denial/And I feel fine/For the first time in such a long time/It feels good to be alive/I think I’m ready to try,” will get the movers and the shakers jumping up and down as the women swoon over the band’s freshly trimmed beards. Slowing the album down a bit is a teenage angst tune, “Multiple Choice Questions,” which offers a rock groove with simple riffing. “Buddy Was An Elf” is pretty tight with a refreshing yet features a cunning ska melody that the band holds down well. “Days Into Months” conveys a sweet melody of lively keyboards that light up the song and compliment the lead singer’s vocals. Bringing the record to a close is “Tonight’s Winning Numbers,” another head bopping rock ‘n’ roll anthem.

The Band Of Beards is an incomparable group of bearded fellows blending together rock, punk and ska. They stay true to their uniqueness and delivered quite a punch with their first official release. Their image alone is marketable, trying to bring back an ancient trend of facial hair. The future is wide open for this band and I can’t wait to see what they will be up to next.

In A Word: Hairy