We Are Augustines: Rise Ye Sunken Ships

Rise Ye Sunken Ships marks the debut of We Are Augustines. Both “Chapel Song” and “Augustine” bring a positive feeling. Following the first tracks, “Headlong Into The Abyss” features dreamy keys and march-like drum rolls. “Book Of James” and “East Los Angeles” conveys a nostalgic notion to the album through narration and imagery.

“Philadelphia (The City Of Brotherly Love)” brings back a lighter sound as far as the instrumentation. “New Drink For The Old Drunk” starts off with a deep drum rumbling, which leads in to melodic guitars and vocals. All the instruments in “Patton State Hospital” blend together until the chorus explodes into tambourine jingles and drum rolls to break up apart the combination.

“Strange Days” and “Barrel Of Leaves” are possibly two of the most touching and melancholy songs on the release. With an old-style western guitar to begin the tune “Strange Days” relays the experience of knowing someone is never coming back.Barrel Of Leaves” provides somber tones in the piano and vocals, which makes way for the slow and strong tom and cymbal hits. Rise Ye Sunken Ship closes with an instrumental piece, titled “The Instrumental,” which is filled with muffled speaking that leads into an organ, uptempo drums and airy groans to bring We Are Augustines’ debut to a close.

In A Word: Somber