The Bye Bye Blackbirds: Fixed Hearts

The Bye Bye Blackbirds are a band that flocks together to bring a little bit of the West Coast to you, regardless of where you are. Fixed Hearts starts off with “Elizabeth Park,” which brings a nostalgic and swinging vibe to the release. The follow up track, “Open A Light,” keeps with the general giddiness of the album while adding a hint of romance to warm your heart from the cold winter memories of the previous track. “Jack Frost” and “New River Sunset” both have a country-pop sound through the guitar tones and vocal styles, while incorporating the notion of moving about.

Both “Every Night At Noon” and “Mermaids” fade into the background; each track previously had something, whether it was the tone in the vocals or the arrangements. “Kiss The World” brings back a spark to Fixed Hearts with the carefree vibe that can be felt through the music and the dreamy ‘oohs.’ Shaking up the album a bit, “Through The Clouds” starts off with pulsing drums and a bass line that eventually brings out what sounds like a modern day soda-pop shop feel with a romantic twist. “Hawaii,” an instrumental made up of melodious guitars, brings on the feeling of the peaceful life on an island, cleanses the listener’s ears and prepares them for the end. In the final tune, “Silver Sands,” there is a strong connection that wasn’t present through the entire album, only during the final few tracks.

The Bye Bye Blackbirds put a bit of their California upbringing into each of their songs, which makes for some cozy tunes regardless of the season.

In A Word: Standard