Obnox: I’m Bleeding Now

This raw release done with only a four-track tape machine starts off with “Cum Inside/I’m Bleeding Now.” The intro takes you on a journey of psychedelic ambiance with a feeling of “something’s gone terribly wrong, but I kind of like it,” as if the band was summoning spirits live right on stage with creepy wooing sounds and witchy witticism. The hook, “I never liked you anyway,” ties into the song creating a bar anthem vibe.

Creepy, perverted one-liners kick off “The Get It In,” offering up a ‘60s rock sound with La-La-La-ing backups creating an illusion of a summer sexual fantasy. The song could very well set the tone for a vintage zombie horror flick. Slowing it down is “Totalled” a rock ‘n’ roll ballad reminding me of “Love Stinks” that leaves you with a vulnerable feeling with little to no hope of recovery. “Gin And Coke Water” starts off when a southern man cracks a sly comment leading the band into rebelling punk rock riot cheers for their gin and coke water.

Ending the record with some jazz is “Whaddup Young Blood” a brief skit of a man and woman laughing about Jesus leading into a jam session of rambunctious drum beats and killer guitar riffs and short leads ultimately ending with a man calling out “Lord help me,” as if he is trying to resurrect himself from his dirty deeds.

The record is rough and cheap yet delivers a unique and satisfying body of work that is right for anyone who enjoys visiting the underground scene. It brings me back to the day where I’d sneak in to dive bars in Brooklyn only to drink Long Islands and Kamikazes as I sat with a group of artistic, open-minded individuals listening to a mixture of Nazareth, The Talking Heads and Rob Zombie.

In A Word: Artsy