The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: The Golden Age

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s The Golden Age EP is a six-track release full of funk, pop and psychedelic influences blended together to form one trippy pop sound, with a remix thrown in at the end.

The EP opens up with “The Golden Age,” a slightly mellow yet swinging tune full of swanky vocals over a soulful, funky beat. Following “The Golden Age,” is “Fantasy Friend Forever.” The second tune is more on the up-swinging, pop side with horns galore in the chorus. Also embedded within the track is a very ’70s, disco vibe. The five-piece also covers Men Without Hats’ “Safety Dance.” The vocals were decent but there was nothing to make it stand out amongst the other songs on the release. The final two tracks make up for the poorly executed cover. “Runner” is dark, edgy and has dramatic horns over a hip-hop beat, which eventually pans back into that psychedelic funk sound that has been evident throughout the EP. Through the use of various vocal effects and the notion that time is slowing down or standing still throughout the song, “One Giant Freak For Mankind” ends up being the most trippy and unique cut on the release. The final piece on The Golden Age EP is a remix of the title track. The remix strips the original of its uniqueness and turns it into generic club music.

Although the EP does hit a few bumps in the road, the general sound that The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is going for proves that they have something here.

In A Word: Trippy