The Disconnects: …Are Healthy

Any band who puts out an album on cassette automatically earns points in my book. Throw in a punk sound similar to The Ramones, but with cleaned-up vocals, and you have me sold. That was my immediate reaction to The Disconnects’ …Are Healthy. The first two tracks seem to be geared towards those who have short attention spans. Both “Stranger” and “Bomb Drop” are full of power chords, thundering drums and angsty vocals condensed into under two-minute songs that are sure to kick start the adrenaline. “Hopesick” finds itself on the lighter side compared to the rest of the tape. The tune features classic rock-influenced guitars and toned down but still powerful vocals. A rampant drum beat, slick bass line and yowling guitars characterize “Livin In The USA,” which provides a healthy dose of anarchy.

Side B starts off with a cut that most can relate to. “Frustration” acknowledges the obstacles in life that tends to get people down. Though the song is fairly campy and cliché, the message is timeless. The song’s attitude is kept under wraps until the chorus, when it bursts out in the form of brash vocals. The final piece on the cassette, “Youth,” brings the release to a close with power-punk instrumentals behind your typical ‘I’m never going to be like you’ message.

Overall, …Are Healthy has songs that will fill the void for those who miss the high-energy punk tunes that were audible from your next-door neighbor’s garage.

In A Word: Punk