Victorian Halls: Charlatan

Chicago four-piece Victorian Halls have been known to cause some mischief with their unique mix of chaotic—sometimes disturbing—noisy, pop-anthem rock that your mother will hate. Vocalist and guitarist Sean Lenart will draw you in with his powerful, schizophrenic vocals.

Smooth vocals and gentle keys begin on “Girls Kiss Girls,” but quickly jump to a high-pitch, shrieking voice, with keyboards wildly pusling as the band picks up. Dance club syncopation from the drums carry on the anthem when lyrics cry out, “Let the beat drop/ It just won’t stop,” driving full-force until the end, an orgy of drum and bass synth-pop.

Their single, “A Crush Is A Crush” starts off with synthesizers and lead guitar. Rumbling drums and guitar chords move the song into a pop-rock anthem as banshee-like vocals yell aloud, “I guess a crush is a crush…”

“Upper East Side” has got the beat and the bass that will drive the female fans into a frenzy of dance moves at the local hot spot.

Tambourines are thrown in on “La Di Da,” a tight anthem with a ton of great guitar and bass melodies playing off each other, moving the song forward with two-handed hi-hat percussion.

Victorian Halls are a unique group that could be found playing anywhere from crazy house parties to venues on the streets of New York. They fall into the likes of Fall Out Boy and The Academy Is…, but hold their own, allowing their music to speak for itself.

In A Word: Catchy