Gold Beach: Habibti

Gold Beach has a warm, soothing, airy sound that drags the listener into a relaxed state. Habibti starts off on the mellow side with both “Habibi” and “Until You.” The mood of the album is picked up a bit with up-swinging keys, drums and summery vocals and rhythms, which will make the listener want to snap their fingers. “Everyone I Know” features melancholic yet optimistic tone that makes the song memorable and fills the listener with hope. Next, “Perfect Weights” casts a shadow over the album.

Habibti picks up again a love song titled “Skin Of Yours.” What makes this track shine, is the bass and piano. The final cut on Habibti, “Diving Bell” starts with an intense amount of reverb on the vocals, which seemed a bit overdone. Oddly enough, the drums are what stood out the most for me during the course of the song. Each crash of the cymbal or boom of the kick just grabbed my focus away from anything else that was going on, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I never thought a band could be too mellow for me, but Gold Beach proved me wrong. If you’re in the mood for something with a little more spunk, I’d say put it down until you need to relax or veg out.

In A Word: Dreamy