Extra Arms: In Parallel

The Brooklyn-based indie band Extra Arms will soon be releasing their debut full-length album. In Parallel (out Oct. 11) includes songs such as Extra Arms’ first single, “Race To Sleep,” which was released this past April. The song was mixed by Bryce Goggin, who has worked with bands such as Pavement and Antony And The Johnsons. The track itself showcases the sheer talent of the band. It starts off with an upbeat yet catchy melody, delves into abstract vocals and deep lyrics, and finishes with an intense guitar solo, representing the alternative and experimental melodies of indie-rock that Extra Arms is known for.

“Race To Sleep,” however, is not the only memorable track from In Parallel. Each of the other 10 songs, mixed by Alex Newport, are proof of the band’s talent. Lead singer Dave Yang will win the hearts of many listeners with his cathartic voice, lead guitarist Matt Haar embellishes the album with his numerous solos, bassist Max Kimbrel and drummer Daniel Benjamin complete the instrumental genius Extra Arms has to offer with their solid rhythmic foundation. The four members have formed a band that has been able to complete a goal all musicians strive for: To create an album of varying lyrics and melodies, while also staying true to their own unique sound and genre.

In Parallel includes 11 tracks of experimental indie-rock, complete with unconventional singing and musical techniques; though each track is distinct and introduces a new element to the general feel of the album. Overall, it is a powerful album made so by its inspiring lyrics, unique instrumentals and many layers of depth. Music lovers will appreciate its soulful melodies and the sheer talent they show.

In A Word: Cathartic