Kerretta: Saansilo

Kerretta is busting out experimental instrumental music like no other. With heavy leads and grooves, “A Way To Uprise” prepares the listener for the dark vibe of the album. “Bloodlines,” the up-tempo third song off of Saansilo, has the most commercial sound off of the release. Once the piece veers away from the generic dance beat in the beginning and the sound of the snare drum explodes in the listener’s ears, the tune reaches its full potential. With unearthly guitar tones, a deep bass line and the grim drums, “By The Throats” is a track that will send shivers down your spine. Though the song provides such a sense of doom and despair, it most certainly is mind-blowing.

The steady drum beat, rich bass groove mixed with the airy guitar tones that “Kept From The Brilliance Of The Outer World” starts with, eventually leads the sixth track to a blowout of post-rock goodness about midway through, leading the tune to a battle between the sparks of energy and chill vibes of the number.

Eventually, Saansilo closes out with “Onyxia.” The final song clutches the listener tightly and doesn’t show signs of letting go. With its varying motifs, ranging from serene, to stern and sinister, the finale leaves the listener on the edge begging for more.

The New Zeland trio’s latest release, though merciless and fierce, is heaven in disc form. Saansilo is nothing shy of stunning and quite possibly one of my favorite releases of the year.

In A Word: Breathtaking