Girl On Fire: Revenge

There was something familiar about the sound of Girl On Fire’s new EP, Revenge, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Quite possibly it is the familiarity of this rising Seattle band that keeps you listening. With Revenge only being five tracks long, it’s hard not to keep it on repeat and catch all the little details that are packed into this teaser.

The quartet tricks you with a short, haunting piano intro before letting group vocals and the EP’s title-track come barreling in. That remains the record’s tempo throughout with touches of guitar solos, heart-pounding drums and lots of group vocals in the hooks. It’s hard to fully dissect a release that has only five songs and GOF has created something that gives a taste of who they are as a band.

Something hard to do that GOF have done almost effortlessly is have a radio-friendly sound that still maintains its roots in dark alternative rock. “Secret Lies” is an ideal catchy rock song that also allows for singer Austin Held to creep about, as if ready to attack. At one moment Held’s voice is evil and aggressive and then you feel a more vulnerable side in the EP’s finale, “Close Your Eyes,” which also features a pretty sweet guitar solo.

Held’s voice recalls that of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. But that’s still not indicative as to who this band are; GOF stands out as its own force. The Revenge EP presents a solid group of songs that don’t vary too much in style from each other, making it even more exciting to see what else this band can create on a full-length album.

In A Word: Tease