The Fairchilds: Our Revolution

Coming from parents who are in the medical industry, Cyril Niccolai was once a medical student himself, but decided on a different route midway through college and is now an international recording artist who writes music to heal. On his debut album, Our Revolution, Niccolai performs on lead and backing vocals, guitars, keyboards and writes all lyrics for The Fairchilds.

The disc begins with “I Need You,” “Our Revolution” and “Who I Am,” which share a theme of fighting to make your dream come true and make the world a better place.

Life is like a roller coaster, and when there are ups, there are downs. But nothing pulls Niccolai too far down as he sings “Unbreakable,” “Story Of My Life,” “Song 12” and “Body Of Lies,” as these tracks share another theme of keeping your head high through tough times.

A piano brings on the ballads for “High” and “Misery Likes Company.” “High” is about losing someone close to you, but always feeling their spirit around you as you keep them alive through memory. While “Misery Likes Company” is about keeping on when you’re feeling down and not letting negativity feed on you.

Guitars gently strum to the last song, “Turn Back Time,” a reflective ballad about wondering if you had the chance to go back in time, would you choose the same path or pave a new one.

Although I think this is a great start for the singer-songwriter, I do think there are ways he could have improved this record. Some of the tracks appear to be a bit repetitive within their message. Setting the lyrics aside, Niccolai proves he has talent in creating hooky melodies, along with his powerfully soothing voice that complements each track well.

In A Word: Inspirational