Nous Non Plus: Freudian Slip

Nous Non Plus (formerly Les Sans Culottes) reunited to record their third studio album, Freudian Slip. The six-piece faux French, NYC-based indie pop band’s latest release is mainly sung in French, with the exceptions “Neil” and “All I Want Is You.” Those who cannot understand the other six tracks on the release can certainly appreciate the natural beauty of Celine Dijon’s voice.

Freudian Slip opens up with “J’en Ai Marre/Had Enough.” The springy opening tune forces the listener to bob their head to the intoxicating guitars, bass and drums. The following track, “Pas La Peine/(Oh No) Not Again,” is not as hyperactive but leans on the mellow side. The deep bass groove and Indian-inspired synth sets the listener up for the romantic tone in Dijon’s voice during this tune.

The title track tells the story of a patient being seduced by their therapist. The hypnotizing keys in the beginning and Jean-Luc Retard’s haunting voice really makes it pop. The fourth cut on the release is just as outrageous as its inspiration. “Bunga Bunga,” the incredibly catchy single, got its name from Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s sex parties.

“All I Want Is You” is a narrative about two people at a party who don’t want to leave alone. Though I only understood some words and phrases on this record, I was really impressed by Nous Non Plus’ overall professional sound.

In A Word: Fantastique