Little Jackie: Made For TV

The retro beats on Little Jackie’s sophomore release, Made For TV, will bring the listener back to the ’70s, whereas the voice of Imani Coppola (no relation to Sofia or Francis Ford) adds a modern R&B and jazz flare. The Brooklyn native’s style can be compared to Macy Gray or a tongue-in-cheek Amy Winehouse.

“Take Back The World,” the single, starts off the fiery release with some catchy, soul-pop beats and motivational lyrics dealing with the need to create opportunities and not just wait for them. In contrast, “31 Flavors” brings a swinging vibe to keep a hold on the listener. The song finds Coppola singing of the benefits of polyamorous relationships. “Cock Block” shines a light on lust-fueled females to try to take some of the blame off of the males who tend to be under attack for accepting their sex drives.

Coppola gives the listener a glimpse into her softer side with “Saturday,” which is an upbeat yet melancholy song about an old flame. My personal favorite, “Independently Mine,” has a burlesque feel to it, and is flirty and sexy, stressing the need to be independent and loyal to oneself. Bringing Made For TV to a close, “Love Will Find Me” emphasizes the need to be oneself, particularly when it comes to romance, and also ends the album on a positive note.

In A Word: Retro