Shirk Circus: This Band Will Destroy Your Life

This Band Will Destroy Your Life is full of short attention grabbers perfect for the college-aged or those who identify with that scene. “Number Sixteen” truly opens the listener up to the late Josh Silverman’s haunting voice, which the backup vocals (provided by Daniel Smith) blend with perfectly to form chilling harmonies. Though the album has very upbeat instrumentals, both the bass groove and guitar riffs in “Secret Dances” bring a dark feel to the piece with the tone of Silverman’s voice being the icing on the cake. “Desperate Time” is a fast, in-your-face jam that questions one’s life purpose and the need for hope.

“Understanding” reassures listeners that bad times will pass and they shouldn’t be brought down by them. The funky bass groove, lush guitar solo and the roar of Frank Lieberum’s drums pull the track together to make this one of the standouts on the disc. The mood is brought down a smidgen with “Number Fifteen.” Between Lieberum’s large style of drumming and the sincerity in Silverman and Smith’s vocals, “Number Fifteen” is one of the strongest pieces on the release. This Band Will Destroy Your Life gets a boost of angst with the vindictive “Either Way.” The overall composition brings a punk splash to the generally college rock release. The last listed title is “You Make Me Smile,” a romantic piece with heartwarming lyrics, smooth drums, guitars and bass to tie the tune together. The unlisted track sounds like a surf punk version of a Pepsi infomercial.

This Band Will Destroy Your Life is a record that can stand the test of time.

In A Word: Astounding