The bohemian glam rockers WIM shine on their self-titled album. There music flows from one song to the next, giving listeners a dreamy pop sensation mixed with elements of folk. Despite their first single, “See You Hurry,” which blends together a variety of percussion instruments and ghostly harmonies, I think the track that catches me the most is “Something For You.” It is the best song on their debut and should have been their first hit off their release. It reels you in right from the beginning and is catchy, fun, romantic and could be easily commercialized.

There’s also something about this band that makes you think they should be from the West Coast. Their playing style is easy-going and timeless. A warm piano and a shuffling drumbeat is the skeleton for each and every song, but each number stands independently when they bring on other instruments to the fold. Tribal beats break free with up-tempo piano and guitar effects in “Monster And Me,” while reverb on the electric guitar comes to life with an accordion in “Moth.”

Electric guitars ring out a wet springtime reverb that brings images of sea animals dancing in my head during “America.” While I listen to this disc, my imagination lets loose. I envision myself standing alone on the highest point of a mountain when “In The Morning” plays as I look down on a world of ocean blue a choir of angels sing as the sun shines through.

WIM is an inspiring group of musicians and created positive energy in all their music. If you like music by Coldplay, MGMT, 311, John Lennon, The Beach Boys or Simon And Garfunkel, these Aussie rockers will fit into your collection nicely.

In A Word: Dreamy