Kate Bush: 50 Words For Snow

As the sun finds itself spending less time on the Northern hemisphere, Kate Bush’s cool 50 Words For Snow, prepares those on this side of the Equator for the winter ahead. The release opens up with light, jazzy keys, which help the track hold true to its name: “Snowflake.” During the first narrative, Bush enlists the help of her son Bertie’s sharp voice to portray a snowflake making its way to the ground. 50 Words For Snow continues on a dreary path as “Lake Tahoe” fades in. For this piece, Bush teams up with Stefan Roberts’ harmonious voice to bring forth a chilling and haunting duet. Despite its title, 50 Words For Snow isn’t a frigid release.

Bush lightens the mood up a bit with “50 Words For Snow,” which as the title implies is made up of 50 different words for the white powder. Actor Stephen Fry makes an appearance on this cut reciting 50 different words as Kate Bush sings the numbers. If some of the words that Fry comes up with weren’t so outlandish, this would be perfect for children. As far as guest appearances are concerned, the most notable one is Sir Elton John’s. Both singers’ hefty vocals play into what really makes “Snowed In At Wheeler Street” twinkle like winter’s first dusting.

And even though most can agree that all snow brings is back pain and hassle, Bush’s dreamy 50 Words For Snow replenishes the magic and wonder that the first snowfall of the year always brings. Grab yourself a cup of cocoa, your warmest blanket and sit by a fire (or space heater) and enjoy.

In A Word: Mystifying