Will Killmore: Will Killmore

The Clifton-based Will Killmore won’t be killing any less with the self-titled follow-up to their 2010 release, Oh The Humanity. Will Killmore is one of the most brutal local metal releases that I’ve heard in 2011. The riffs and all of the guitar work on this nine song epic are simply fantastic. My only question is: What sets these amazing metal guitar riffs apart? Because to be brutally honest, I felt like I’ve heard the riffs before on other metal CDs.

The one improvement that I noticed from Oh The Humanity was in singer Joe Marini. This boy can sing! I really enjoyed his instant attack on the opening three songs “Rockula,” “Natural Born Survivor” and “Pop Culture Vigilante,” and I have to say that their placement of song four, “Call Me Crazy,” was perfect because the aggressive shouting vocal throughout a song can kind of get played out quickly. Joe does sing aggressively on “Call Me Crazy,” but really shows that he can truly sing when the chorus kicks in. “Call Me Crazy” might’ve been my favorite track on Will Killmore. That song had everything from top to bottom starting with great vocals, excellent guitar work, and the drums were yummy, too!

I think that once Will Killmore realizes the weapon that they have in Joe as a singer rather than a screamer, they could be a force to reckon with. My opinion isn’t by preference either. Take a look at the market. The days of shouting in metal songs are pretty much over and metal singers who can actually sing are back! Songs like “Air Ducts And Nunchucks,” “Mozambiqued,” “As You Were” and “Hit The Trenches” are fine examples of what I’m talking about when I say, it’s over! My advice to the talented chaps in Will Killmore: Use Joe Marini. The boy can SING! It should be interesting to see where Will Killmore goes with their songwriting since the departure of founding member and main songwriter, guitarist James DiGangi, a couple of months ago. Keep a close eye on these guys!

In A Word: Warfare