Bottomfeeder: Bottomfeeder

New Jersey has, once again, given birth to another band worth checking out. Bottomfeeder, a quintet made up of veteran rockers from The Gaslight Anthem, Gates, Let Me Run and Red Light Green Light, recently put out their 10-inch demo via HumanBlood Records at a show at Maxwell’s. Each tune on the four-song EP clocks in at less than three minutes while packing hefty punch.

The post-hardcore, punk five-piece gets the listener moving with a track about betrayal titled “You Son Of A Bitch.” The vocals overall are full of pure passion and rage, while the drums pulsate through your ears. The slight wail of guitars, chush of the hi-hat and potent bass groove sets the mood for “My Dude Cried Wolf.” Although this song emits energy, it’s not as strong as the rest of the cuts.

Bottomfeeder redeems itself once the third song starts up. The relatively mellow (compared to the rest of the release) beginning makes “A Long Winter’s Rest” stand out. Like the first track, in “A Long Winter’s Rest” one can really feel the pain in the vocals. Despite the heavy screaming on the release, the vocals are intelligible and still kind enough to the ears that even after multiple listens you won’t be crying in pain. The final track, “End Times And New Beginnings” is just as angsty as the previous three, though that’s not a bad thing.

Despite the one slip-up on the demo, this is a promising start for this new project. Bottomfeeder is currently available on iTunes and Amazon for those who need a good album to let out some of that pent up energy to.

In A Word: Compelling