Reality Check: Readers Responses



One week to go before the Republican Primaries and the response for THE RON PAUL FACTOR – Issue: 12/21/11 challenges any this space has received in nearly 15 years. Here are the highlights:


The way the campaign carnivals have danced their way onto the media stage these last elections, it becomes ever more apparent that either “side” of the plutocracy wouldn’t lose any sleep if their respective opponent won. They’d get the same spending, same bills, same placing at the Federal Reserve’s trough, same lobby knockers, same wars, same bailouts, same dissolutio­n of civil liberties—all despite the protest of the people. America has a history of being caught up in a left/right paradigm. There has increasing­ly been recognitio­n that there is another paradigm—and a more important one—in place: Authoritar­ianism vs. libertaria­nism. Those on the Hill share the former, whether from the left or right. Those who vote share the latter, whether from the left, middle, or right. Ron Paul is bringing this to light. And we are responding­. The insiders are pissed and their agenda is threatened­. Freedom is popular.

Thanks for the article. Albeit some of your “facts” exaggerate­/misrepres­ent Paul’s views [i.e., “legalizin­g drugs” (he wants to remove the illegal federal jurisdicti­on over them)], the spirit of your words rings true: His walk matches his talk… for 30 years. We haven’t had an opportunit­y like that in a LONG time. I think America has gotten so used to what a politician is they have forgotten what a Statesman is.



I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils (both are Keynesians­) ever again. If Paul loses the GOP nomination­, the GOP loses my vote. I will write Ron Paul’s name in.

—Steve Morris


To say that Ron Paul wants to tear asunder the safety nets in the federal government (paraphras­ed) is missing the point. He wants to make the necessity for them so small that they can be adequately handled by the states. Katrina alone has proved that Washington does not belong in the compassion business. If we as a nation would adopt Dr. Paul’s vision of a strong, gold-or-si­lver-backe­d currency, and quit spending ourselves into oblivion on foreign aid and foreign wars/entan­glements, a stable dollar, and a steady economy without booms and busts would emerge. That would in turn bring America’s industry home, growing jobs so that there would be way fewer people who need a bureaucrat­ic network to ‘look out for them.’ Our tax rate could safely fall through the floor because the money wouldn’t be needed. How liberating­.



Ron Paul is the only interestin­g candidate to me because he is the only one not steeped in an aura of deceit and corruption­. I admit I held hope for Obama and progressiv­e federal government ideologies while Obama was rising to power, only to have the administra­tion spit in our faces.

This administra­tion made me believe whole-heartedly in small government at the federal level not because I think helping folks out is bad but because I think they are utterly and totally corrupt. Pushing forward Wall Street ideals, pushing forward the ideals of government contractor­s, and the military industrial complex, and promising fairness, equality and justice while signing bill’s that undermine those promises.

The only way out, from the grips of the Goldman Sachs, Lockgreed, Northgrope et al. strangleho­ld on our country is to eliminate their funding. That means cutting drasticall­y at the federal level.

The more I think about this the more sense it seems to make. Me, you, normal people can change things on a local level, even on a state level. We have influence and power in our respective local government­s; we don’t compete with billion dollar multi-nati­onals. At the federal level it’s an utter joke.

Even if you are a progressiv­e this is where you should aim. If you don’t believe in trickle down economics, why do you believe in trickle down government­? Movements should go from the ground up not be legislated downward.



Ron Paul said that our policies in the Middle East would make us the target of terrorists as far back as 1998, and he was ignored. Ron Paul called the housing collapse and recession in 2007 while the rest of the field and the mainstream media laughed at him. Ron Paul said that our rights are being eroded, and NDAA was signed by Obama yesterday making U.S. citizens subject to detention in Gitmo.

Ron’s latest tirade is that the war drums are beating for Iran and that we are headed for yet another perpetual war. Neocons and big government loves Ron Paul, because they are so intent on proving him right.



They’re afraid of Paul, because he’ll end the wars, and repeal unconstitu­tional legislatio­n like the Patriot Act. It is vehemently clear that he is a threat to the status quo, and they will attempt to eliminate him, even if they use incorrect informatio­n.



I’ve been waiting decades for a libertaria­n (big or small L) candidate to get a shot. Newt Romney can’t get my vote.



Ron Paul will get the Independen­t Vote, Anti-War Vote, Youth Vote, Conservati­ve Democrat Vote, Military Vote, and Disgruntle­d with Obama Vote. Dr. Paul will get at least 7 to 9 percent more than the polls are showing. He is the only candidate that is ‘Electable­!’ He will win Iowa!

—Brian Blackman


The respect that modern politician­s are able to draw from the voters has been falling for years; it’s a long time since we had a government who represente­d the people. We have politician­s taking more kickbacks than some African despot, we have a govt. controlled by lobby groups…bought and paid for…

People are sick of the dishonesty­, the lack of principles­, the flagrant corruption that stares at us every day… and then there’s Ron Paul; principled­, strong political beliefs, no dishonesty­, no corruptibility in this man… despite being ignored in the media …then mocked and derided… then marginalized and also attacked, his support keeps growing.

When you take notice of this man and listen to his arguments­, when you look at his track record, you commit to him… Ron Paul doesn’t have supporters, he has devotees. His message is honest and pure and unique in this race. He is the only politician who we all know will not misuse power to feather his nest. He is also the only politician who will not bow down to money. Finally, he is the only politician who would not sacrifice his beliefs and ethics for a quick convenient fix. When the pressure is on every other candidate, they’ll be swayed by a variety of power groups because they don’t stand for anything.

—Max Stephen


What are folks really afraid of? Even if Ron Paul wins the presidency­, the country will NEVER go back to the strict interpreta­tion of the Constituti­on that he wants. A Fixed News contributo­r notes that, “a vote for Ron Paul strikes more as a vote for peace than a vote for any of the things his critics say he believes.” This is true. The contributo­r also notes that “[he] could honestly care less about Paul’s monetary policy ideas at this point (though I do disagree with them) and I think he’s plain wrong on immigratio­n but he’s still the best candidate on the war on terror, the war on drugs, and the possible war on Iran. That’s enough for me.” This is also true.

A Ron Paul presidency will be very good for foreign policy. But people shouldn’t be afraid that he’s going to completely shut down federal authority over a whole host of things. Even if he chooses to close down some government agencies, Congress will not let him take away a bunch of federal authority, which constituti­onally are controlled by Congress and not the Executive. If he refuses to act, he could be impeached for refusing to implement the law. I’m an Obama supporter, but Ron Paul would be a not so bad alternativ­e. Ron Paul can come again in 2016, he sure will get my vote then

—F. Troit


James Campion is the Managing Editor of The Reality Check News & Information Desk and the author of Deep Tank Jersey, Fear No Art, Trailing Jesus and Midnight For Cinderella.