Me Vs. Myself: Where I Am… Where I Want To Be

Me Vs. Myself has stepped it up for their second EP, Where I Am…Where I Want To Be. The creation is a solid rock CD with catchy guitar riffs and the wholesome vocals. The group has produced a melodious, radio-friendly EP with a sound comparable to Matchbox 20.

Where I Am…Where I Want To Be is composed of just five tracks. Each caught my attention as an ordinary rock single, but with a twist. “Before I Wake,” the first song, is upbeat, energetic and repetitive, however, its biblical references and clever lyrics provide it with an additional edge.

“The Right Time” begins with distant, soft vocals, conveying the emotional intensity behind the lyrics. Its sharp guitar sounds and loud drums are captivating. However, it ends on a series of distorted notes, which sound, frankly, as if Me Vs. Myself are having some technical issues. Although a perfectly decent song, the last few seconds seem out of place and unnecessary.

The most credible track off the EP is undoubtedly the last. “Carefully” is raw, passionate and revealing. It is a slow song about the pains of unrequited love. However, just as it is nearing the end, there is a long pause before it erupts into passionate guitar sounds and loud vocals, conveying both frustration and distress.

Overall, Where I Am…Where I Want To Be is an average rock EP, but made significant with a few creative techniques. A careful listen will discern its intricacies.

In A Word: Inventive