Starseed: Peace Machine

After waiting four years longer than our friends across the Atlantic, Starseed’s Peace Machine will finally be released in the U.S. this February. The five-piece starts off with a bang as “Shine” burns like a phoenix with scorching guitars and fiery harmonies that show off Russell Spence’s range. The suspense is built up through the booming kick drum and high-inducing chords at the beginning of “See Through Your Lies.” Leading up to each verse, one can’t help but want to get up and just run as far and as fast as possible.

There’s no doubt that Starseed’s Peace Machine packs a ton of energy. Throughout the entire release there wasn’t a point that was dull or lethargic. If this is what the band’s album sounds like, their live shows must generate enough electricity to light a couple of houses. Their sound wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, which was certainly a plus. Songs like “No Way Out” and “We Are The Way” show a slightly lighter side to the quintet, but it certainly still has a weight to it that if you’re not a fan of hard alt-rock, you may not like.

Good things come to those who wait, and those who waited for this release are certainly going to be impressed. Peace Machine touches on heartbreak, self-worth and other timeless themes that can be applied to life.

In A Word: Aggressive