Metal Alliance Tour: The Stars Align

Springtime in New Jersey means two things; we don’t need to pile on 15 layers just to get the mail and the announcements of summer tours and festivals begin. That wish for warm weather shows to look forward to came a little early this year with the Metal Alliance tour. There is always much buzz about fully loaded metal shows such as this one and with a lineup heavier than the Mayhem Festival, the tour is not looking to disappoint. The metal heads on the bill are DevilDriver, 3 Inches Of Blood, The Faceless, Dying Fetus, Job For A Cowboy, Impending Doom and Wretched. DevilDriver is still riding on the wave their 2011 compilation has created. Beast is a thrashing and fiery example of pure metal at its best. 3 Inches Of Blood is out in support of their current record, Long Live Heavy Metal, with the brutal single, “Dark Messenger,” at the forefront. Their album is set to be released on March 26.

Job For A Cowboy is utilizing this tour as a vehicle for their recent work, Demonocracy, that will drop on April 10. Dying Fetus’ latest album, Descend Into Depravity, has been available since 2011. Baptized In Filth, the newest compilation from Impending Doom just hit stores on March 13. Death metal acts The Faceless, with Sumerian Records backing them, released material last year. The Wretched, another death metal group, will soon be taking to the recording studio to piece together their next album. The tour kicked off in Austin, TX, at SXSW and continues on nationwide. Witness the overwhelming heaviness of the Metal Alliance gang for yourself at Gramercy Theatre on March 21.