King Of Prussia: Transmissions From The Grand Strand

The resonance of Transmissions From The Grand Strand is akin to the sound of the eras past where psychedelic and folk-influenced music reigned. Making use of much percussion and four different stringed instruments, King Of Prussia are in complete control of the mood their newest full-length creates. The six-piece are simultaneously ahead of and behind their time. They are behind in that they carry their past influences forward, incorporating the floaty aspects of folk that is reminiscent of the ‘60s into this album. However, the band is ahead of the competition because while this facet of King Of Prussia’s sound is maintained, they have a new spin on indie-pop.

“The Shake Shake,” the second track, is poppy and simple, but that is the beauty of this composition as a whole. The band’s light and easy nature comes from drawing upon a diverse pool of influences. “Arabian Thoroughbred” is a catchy tune that is in the same vein as the trademark music of The Shins. With sweet words, the lyrics create vivid mental images and the mind wanders down the roads King Of Prussia’s songs pave. “Love On A Metro,” an instrumental piece that adds an easy-going break to the record, is the psychedelic pinnacle of Transmissions From The Grand Strand. A chorus of vocals on “…For The Masters Said It So” is an unexpected, but quickly welcomed touch on the album’s final track. Although the group has a particular sound, it does not keep them limited to what they can bring to the table within it. King Of Prussia does not fall in line with the majority of indie groups and for this band, the road ahead is looking bright.

In A Word: Unforeseen