“Long story short, to put it nicely, the name of the band came from a long, long, hazy night of partying,” laughs Bryan Feudale, lead guitarist and vocalist, about the genesis of the band moniker Mystic Haze. Bryan joins his brothers, Michael on drums and David on bass and vocals, along with Jason Struble on lead and rhythm guitar, to form the group, which has been building a strong reputation throughout the region. “The band pretty much got together because, being brothers, we shared a lot of the same musical interests,” he continues. “And Jason, our brother from another mother, shared the same interests. So we all pretty much did the whole lifestyle of partying and jamming, and then we started to write our own music.”

The group is based out of Matawan, NJ, but originally hailed from Union Township, where they all grew up and learned to play. It was also there that they developed their shared kindred for several different styles of music, ranging from the heavy sounds of Megadeth, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Black Label Society, Alice In Chains and Nirvana, to the classic rock of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. They also gravitated to a lot of blues artists. And, of course, the Beatles, as Bryan makes it clear he would not consider any list of influences complete with their inclusion.

“I think it’s rather hard to describe Mystic Haze,” relates Bryan. “We are trying to do so much with the band. I wouldn’t say we fit one genre. If I had to describe it, we all agree that we are a mix of classic rock, hard rock, blues, and metal, but we also love melody very much.”

The music is generally a collaboration of all the members, although occasionally one of them will come up with a great riff or jam solo piece, which becomes the basis for a song. Some of the crowd favorites are “Devils Smile,” “Home Again,” and “Bullet To The Brain.”

The group has been described as having the perfect bar band sound, with its mix of party music, alternative rock tinged vocals, and lyrics and a stage persona that ranges from angry and aggressive to get-up-and-get-the-party-started anthems. Their sound calls to mind the intensity of the Stone Temple Pilots or Alice In Chains, but with a lighter touch that doesn’t leave you drained after a heavy dose.

With local shows at venues such as The Lucky Seven in Keyport and the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, as well as trips to places as far as North Carolina, there will usually be some interesting turns of events. “Well, there is always something bound to happen when you are trying to make your name in the music industry,” Bryan says. “One night we were playing a show and I don’t want to name the venue or anyone involved, but we were set to play a show around midnight, or later. The sound people and owners let the other bands play really long sets, so we got cut to about two songs. But being the hot headed guy I am, I had to speak out, and opened up by saying we are Mystic Haze, and this is bullshit! Then in the middle of our song, ‘To Live Another Day,’ I told the crowd to scream out, ‘Fuck the venue we were at.’ We got cut off after we finished one song, so I decided to throw their equipment into where the audience was standing. I wound up getting pulled off the stage by my shirt for a little conference in the back!”

But even amidst of all the craziness, the music is definitely the focus for the band, as opposed to dreams of mansions and the perks of rock stardom, or an endless life of partying. “Mystic Haze’s goals are generally just to make good music,” states Bryan. “That people really enjoy the music, and not just for a fad or a phase. We would love to bring good music back, because the times we live in leave us with nothing original. It’s all about the look these days. What happened to the music, man?”

You can find out more about Mystic Haze, including their music and upcoming shows, at facebook.com/mystic.haze, reverbnation.com/mystichaze, or you can get in touch with the band at mystichaze1@hotmail.com.

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14 Responses

  1. MaryAnn Chiariello

    way to go Mystic Haze!!!! you guys are so awesome, I have seen all of your Jersey shows, and to date have not missed one of your performances, each time I hear you guys you sound even better, and then when you think you’ve guys have pulled all your musical tricks out of the bag you sing and play another winner…love you guys and am a huge follower of your music…when are you going to cut a cd for sale?

  2. Andrew Joseph Velez (AJ)

    I am the photographer for the band. The above pictures is one of the first group shots I took of them.. location, Sandy Hook Marine Barracks.
    Please note all pictures copyrights of Andrew Joseph Velez. Great Article!

  3. Danielle Osorio

    A great band with a hard rock/cock rock sound. I love you guys. I have seen all your shows, and I even bring my kids to them! Cut a cd already!

  4. Bonnie Davis

    Mystic Haze will leave you wanting more. Every time I see you guys its an experience. You guys realy know how to get the crowd going. Cut a fucking cd already. The radio plays shit these days and I am in dyer need of some real fucking tunes. Keep rocking hard DONT BE A PUSSY/SHYALABOO!!!!!!!

  5. Joseph Charles

    WOW. All I can say is wow. You guys are awesom. Seen you a few times and you always deliver. Definitly would love for you guys to play more shows, print a cd, and start touring. Post upcoming shows please!!!!!!!!!

  6. David Feudale

    Thanks everyone for the comments, Mystic Haze and myself would like to thank everyone that supports us… rock on, here is to more success!

  7. Rob

    I’ve actually seen Mystic Haze play. I write for a Philly based mag on local music. They are a fun band who do not perform anyone thing overly well . Nothing original that will blow your sucks off. Quality musicianship and songs. They are a throw back to 70’s hard rock. Riffs that are filled with a groovy blues feel. One pet peeve is the solos do not fit the blues style hard rock feel this band generates. More of a thrash shred feel on the solo’s when they would be more suited for a heart felt blues style. The lyrics often are whiny 90 alternative and pop punk sound. Band could use some stage presence for they are often flat in this area. Also think they could use a front man who has some range and good voice to harness the power of the music behind it. Overall Mystic haze is a fun band destined to be a headline bar band attraction.

  8. Rob

    Im sorry blow your socks off not sucks. As for the person who posted hatred for this band …to the members of Mystic haze the best thing you can do is not respond . In this line of business you have to have thick skin or you will never survive. Not everyone will approve of your music. Some will and some wont. You have to take the high road because you are going to get evaluated in this business no matter what. Every band has bad reviews and will get slack from time to time.

  9. mark

    To the guy rob ..I read your post on Mystic haze. I saw them and I think they are a fun group to see. Like you stated i think they are a good bar band. I thought I was the only one who felt the solos were a little to chppy and shred for that style of music. the riffs are cool as hell bro but music wise i think there is nothing extremely eye opening. Good fun music and bar band sound. They are as you stated flat on chemistry and think they could use a wild man up there lol. Overall not bad band. This band probably should have come out in the 70’s.

  10. john wilson

    I saw this band. They may be rough around the edges. But are fun to see live, and are pretty good at what they do. All in all I’d like to see them again. Good band.

  11. deranged

    This band is nomore than a bar band…nothing original about them. Lyrics are average guitars are average. Being a bar band is not a bad thing. Just do not see a future as far as bigtime band here. Seen way to many bands that blow this band mystic haze away. Might need a lead singer and a lead guitar player..bass is good and drums are good.

  12. Brenner

    I’ve recently gotten into Mystic Haze and I’d highly recommend them to those who love Hard Rock and 90’s Alternative! They creatively merge sounds as found in Nirvana to 90’s Alice Cooper and classic rock. Great rhythm section and piercing guitar solos! Hope they cut some new tunes soon and gig. Check out “Bullet To The Brain” great track

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