River City Extension: Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger, the record by River City Extension, is a 14-track composition of confessions and apologies. Penned by singer and lyricist, Joe Michelini, a story lies beneath the layers of diverse musical influences that this group draws upon. A variety of sounds is inevitable in a band with eight members and a dozen guest performers contributing to that already colorful mix. River City Extensions makes the most of their abilities by utilizing elements from genres such as Americana, folk-rock, country, and blues. Under the guise of vocals that carry on in a bluegrass style, it’s nearly impossible to figure out that this group hails originally from New Jersey.

Calming acoustics open the record up on “Glastonbury,” where gentle guitars are accompanied by super melodic strings and bluesy vocals. Lovely variations stand out on tracks like “Down, Down, Down,” a song that is filled with upbeat vibes. “Slander” is a fun track that mimics the old-school blues style that River City Extension delivers a new breath of life to. The band keeps things interesting on this album with the sounds of the mandolin, organ, banjo, and even a trumpet. On track eleven, “Golden Tongue,” the vocalist gets raw and emotional over subtle guitars in a display of what the group is really capable of.

The album has a comforting feeling that swings and sways throughout its length. Most importantly, the songs of Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger stick with you after listening and become a quaint soundtrack of the day-to-day that plays on repeat in your head.

In A Word: Lively