Toys That Kill: Fambly 42

Since their formation in 1999, Toys That Kill has produced four studio albums, with their newest being the recently released Fambly 42. To follow this new album, the ‘90s punk rock band is currently touring the U.S. to support it. The record has been highly anticipated, as it’s the first to be put out by the band since 2005.

Toys That Kill does a fantastic job of staying true to the style of pop punk that was around when they first started putting out records and touring. The entire album shows its roots by the lack of effects on instruments and screaming in its vocals. Their striking lyrical content results in passionate singing—regardless of how they sounds—which is where the band’s punk style comes from. The tracks are an expression done in the way they want to get their message across. As far as the production goes, Fambly 42 has left much space for improvement. There is too much of an indie cleanliness in tone for it to measure up to punk rock standards. Being that they haven’t released a new record in seven years, one would hope that when they do, there would be a new sound to it. It seems as though the only difference between this album and their last, Shanked!, is that the volumes of the instruments are turned down.

While Toys That Kill may have produced a new record that is successful, depending on one’s definition of success, they have still managed to be trapped in their old ways of sound. While some people may feel as though more is needed, there are others that live off of the old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

In A Word: Elemental