Jim Coleman: Trees

There is a thin line between musicians that create art for themselves and those that create for the rest of the world. The new record from Jim Coleman, Trees, seems to take a direction towards his own personal lust for sound. Jim’s new album is a solo project, springing off of his band from the ’90s, Cop Shoot Cop.

Throughout the record’s entirety is a very natural sound that involves a lot of different instruments and samples promoting feelings of ambiance found within the wilderness. Trees is a step to the side for Jim Coleman, considering the fact that it leaves behind his style of rock music that he is best known for. Its deviance is why the record amplifies itself more into being a masterpiece that Coleman has created for himself. Many emotions come pouring out of each song and are very vast and to the point, to where they are almost unidentifiable considering how often and quick each track incorporates archaic movements. Arguably the most interesting song on the album is “Dawn.” It embodies a theme of pure yet controlled insanity, demonstrated in a very quiet and subtle way. Every sound of each instrument on this record does exactly what it should be doing, which makes the whole picture fulfill its dreams behind its creation.

Coleman’s elements within his new side-project are those that show a dedication to his own work. This is a very comforting characteristic and can be appreciated by music lovers in any and every form. A great part of experiencing this new record is walking away with the afterthought of what doors Jim Coleman has opened for himself to move through and share with the rest of the world.

In A Word: Organic