Worlds Away: Searching

If you’re looking for an easy listen that comes straight from the soul, the au courant release from New Jersey locals, Worlds Away, may be what you’re looking for. These boys from the small town of Denville demonstrate what they have been trying to achieve with their new masterpiece, Searching. Where there are a lot of post-rock bands out there that stick to a specific angle of emotion in their music, Worlds Away differ. It’s not just the negative aspect that they cover. A personal favorite of mine is the title-track for its dynamics. The song involves working parts on every end that help aid in a crescendo, until it erupts into something epic.

Often times one may be cautious when hearing vocals in this type of music, however, these guys pull it off quite well. Nothing too extreme or too light with the few pieces involving singing is what makes this section enjoyable. After the first half of Searching there is a turn into something a bit heavier, which shows the band’s abilities to play in multiple styles.

If it weren’t for a second guitarist within this record, certain elements would be lost. Spaces in between the unified, more distorted riffs are filled with ambient playing from lead guitarist, Mike Peniston, while his counter-part, guitarist Jeff Echevarria, plays his own notes in a style that sounds nothing short of excellent.

It would be no surprise to see these extraordinary musicians make it to the places they aspire to get to with their measures, in an industry that is already tough to crack. Searching is the best way for a band like this to show what they sound like in their performances via their productions. Some local groups get trapped in a “world of bullshit” with what they embody, however, these boys are a “world away” from such atrocities.

In A Word: Immaculate