Kalen Nash: Ukred

On the surface, Kalen Nash’s new release, Ukred, is nothing too special. Once in a while, however, it takes a bit of “reading in between the lines” to define an artist’s qualities. The music in Nash’s new record could be a perfect match for any fan of country and blues.

Everything about this album is very slowly paced and quiet, which works well with the genre. Ukred is a style done in a tired, sad sounding way with a finishing touch by Kalen that makes it his own. All of the influences are clearly displayed throughout each and every song. An interesting factor is that this record was written mainly about people that have passed away in Nash’s family.

Each number carries with it a feeling of ghost-like presence, which accompanies that theme nicely. Where a lot of music has its significance in riffs or vocals, this one does not. Kalen Nash is meant to be listened to as a whole, rather than piece by piece. There is a very good demonstration of closeness between the artist and his creation. Some of the tunes on Ukred allow one to slip in and out of attention, making it an easy listen.

Perhaps the most unique piece is “Don’t You Love Me Baby,” for it was written by Nash’s great-grandfather, Euquid “Ukred” Lee Nash. Kalen chose his name for the album title as well, which makes this section of his discography a bit more personal.

Sometimes it’s not about the money, the fans, or even the music when it comes to making records. These are the cases where someone writes for themselves to show reflection and feeling in ways they cannot express otherwise. Kalen Nash has definitely fulfilled that intention and done it in a way that other listeners can accept and enjoy along with him.

In A Word: Meaningful