Koko Beware: Something About The Summer

When first listening to the new record by Koko Beware, one might immediately judge and classify this band into the indie pop genre. This classification slowly debunks itself as the release is listened to over and over. Determining what the roots and influences are in the music itself seems like it could be an easy task for any listener.

A ‘50s high school prom style of surf rock/surf punk is the perfect description of sound within the songs. Many different bands these days seem to be producing material in a fashion that makes them sound more “old school.” Koko Beware do just that, though their tones fit perfectly within the recording style—making it a perfect match in quality and song. Every track could easily remind the listener of a fun day at the beach, which leads to its immaculate title, Something About The Summer.

“Beach Babe” has a sudden drop in tempo and groove in its chorus that literally widened my eyes. This interesting aspect really shows the band’s courage in experimentation with musical construction. Koko Beware have made the vibe they seem to be aiming for very accessible, in the sense that they stay close to what their 2011 release, ))<>((.

Something About The Summer is a pretty basic listen for how revealing it is in its accomplishments. It’s definitely nice to see how the aspect of satisfaction towards fans is coupled with the satisfaction towards the band itself. What these musicians produce next should most certainly be something interesting.

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