Inked Out: Under The Gun Tattoo Saloon

I swear that there must be nothing to do down here in South Jersey other than get tattooed. Trust me when I tell you that there is a tattoo parlor on almost every main road. Also, when I say South Jersey, I mean South Jersey. Whenever I hang with friends up north, they always seem to think the Seaside Heights and Toms River area is South Jersey. Here’s a little geography lesson for you—Jersey goes way further south than that! In fact, that is considered Central Jersey! Anyway, while driving home from the Deptford Mall one day, I happened to drive by a very nice shop in Sewell that no one seems to know about, though they’ve been open for about 10 years. The name of the shop was Under The Gun Tattoo Saloon. I later found out that my electrician gets tattooed there.

It was a spur of the moment voyage so I had no recording device to interview owner Chris Gamm, who by the way greeted me upon entering the shop. I walked into what seemed to be a very neat and clean shop, which was located on the corner of Hurffville Road and County House Road. You first walk into a reception waiting area adorned with artwork on the walls. Behind this section was where all the magic happened in the shop’s tattooing area.

I asked Chris what would bring a customer like myself into his shop if I was looking for a new place to get tattooed, and his response was different than many of the shops that I’ve already visited. He told me that he’d be lying to me if he said that “Under The Gun’s first priority was customer service.” In fact, he said that what would draw me into his shop is that their focus is maintaining a safe and clean environment for their clientele. Chris continued telling me that the hygiene of his shop, equipment, and artists, would leave me coming back for more. The overall customer experience and professionalism of his artists is what keeps his clientele coming back.

Chris, who is currently housing four artists including Mark Ferris, Jack Hatchet, Alexis Rivera and himself, told me that their schedules fill up fast, so he said that while they usually accommodate walk-in customers, appointments are suggested. Chris opened Under The Gun back in 2002 with two fellow artists that also left Chris’ former shop. Since opening, they’ve received much acclaim through word of mouth. He’s never seen the need to put out ads when he remained busy through word of mouth marketing, which is the best kind. Only recently he’s created some online presence with his website, Through the years, Chris said that he’s seen artists come and go, but they seem to keep changing for the better. He says each of his artists specialize in different styles, which helps Under The Gun fulfill the needs of every client that walks through their door.

According to Chris, all of the machines at Under The Gun are autoclave sterilized and every needle used is brand new and opened right in front of the customer. Like he said, he likes to focus on having a very clean, friendly, and safe environment for his clients. Chris also told me that he couldn’t think of a better crew of guys to have around him and that they’re not only co-workers, but are also pretty close friends, which creates a comfortable and friendly environment at the shop.

When it comes to rules, Chris abides by the age laws which state that no one under 18 gets tattooed without parental consent, so don’t even try! Don’t bother coming in if you’re intoxicated because you’ll be showed the front door. If you make an appointment and you need to cancel, you must call 48 hours in advance to cancel your appointment or you will lose any deposit that you leave for your tattoo. Any consultation you have with the artists at Under The Gun is free, which I suggest you do before you go into any tattoo shop. Chris and crew are super-friendly and will work with you on any artwork you bring in. As far as pricing goes, the prices at Under The Gun are pretty comparable to other shops in NJ. They’re definitely not lower, but they’re also not too expensive. Like I said, it’s comparable, and the work from these guys is excellent.

I will admit that the shops I have visited in South Jersey have been quite impressive so far, but I guess you would have to be if you have folks from Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and Delaware coming into your establishment. Under The Gun was definitely an impressive shop and would be placed at the top of my list for tattoo shops to visit.

If you’re in the Deptford and Sewell area, stop in at Under The Gun Tattoo Saloon at 1555 Hurffville Road. If you’d like to call them for more info or you’d like to make an appointment, you can do so by calling (856) 401-8611. You can also get more info and check the artwork out by Chris and his artists on his newly developed website,

Well, I’m off to check out my next tattoo spot! Who knows what state it will be in! If you have a tattoo shop that you want to suggest, please e-mail me the name of the place and whom I should ask for at