The Cravats: The Cravats In Toytown

For some people, an acquired taste is a must when it comes to old punk bands such as The Cravats. Their 13th release, The Cravats In Toytown, is a two volume record, showing that these boys are just as strange as they’ve always been since their formation in 1977.

One outstanding feature of The Cravats is the saxophone player. While there have been bands in the past that have experimented with brass sections in their alternative style of music, this is one that feels different. A vibe of horror and creepiness is present all throughout the record with regards to the instruments.

Quick drum paces and vocal attitudes allow The Cravats to keep themselves punks by nature. It’s obvious that these guys don’t produce music to make it big or gain a lot of friends. The Cravats In Toytown has the perfect title because the entire release feels as though it was meant to be played as background music in a special land filled with toys and no rules.

All the recording and production is fitting, for it seems as though the more deviant aspects of the music are the ones that can be heard more clearly. A lack of fear is demonstrated by this style of mix. The Cravats seem to know exactly what they want out of this new album, which adds to its ingenuity.

If you’re looking for a standard, typical band that plays straight-up punk from England, The Cravats In Toytown may not be for you. People that have open minds or people that enjoy the circus and hate governing establishments would be more inclined to listen. On the whole, The Cravats have certainly produced another accomplishing record in their careers.

In A Word: Creepy