What started out as a simple idea for a live rock video show has started growing immensely. Well into the third year online at PIBCO, My Show’s host, Steve Truglio, reached out to soundman Dave Reiser, an old friend from their days as Hades’ crewmen. Dave currently runs his Rock Hard Studios out of Easton PA’s School Of Rock. When asked about the pilot episode of My New Show with The Atomic Bitchwax, he states, “I’ve had this idea probably since Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert went off the air in the early ‘80s. I missed a tv show that showed rock and metal bands playing live as the pure focus point of the show. Once I heard Dave was so close, it just clicked in my head. Thanks to permission from SOR owners Ray and Sue Thierrin, I know had the perfect venue to make the show. So I immediately went after NJ band The Atomic Bitchwax as the type of band to make an opening statement. With their 42-minute masterpiece instrumental record, The Local Fuzz, still fresh, I wanted that to be the focus of My Show.

“But that was just the beginning being that Dave has run a professional recording and live sound business for over a decade at this point. Plus, [with] all our years of experience and technology at our disposal, it made sense to start branching out with the Rock Hard Radio Network. We are already bringing local bands in for live show broadcasts, had our first live on location online broadcast with Bangor, PA’s Stavent Fest 2012, and have more shows already in the works. We have many goals, a kickass online radio station, full production video/audio recording studio, weekly live show broadcasts from different venues in the Eastern PA and Western NJ area, there is so much we can do.”

And speaking of live shows, they are set to shoot their next episode of My New Show on Aug. 26 with Philadelphia’s Kingsnake. The School Of Rock kids will open the show, as seen in the pilot. The shoot is also open to a limited amount of fans to be the live audience that will be part of an open discussion style Q&A with the band, and special guests TBA. Tickets are available with a $10 donation though PayPal or you can email itsmyshow667@gmail.com for details. Include your full name and email contact info. Capacity will be limited so book it soon, Danno!

“In closing, I’d like to say we are trying to build the type of shows and radio that bands would want to be on if they are serious about their music. So, if you think you have it, bring it. But do yourself a favor and watch the Bank Street Band at the opening and closing of the Bitchwax episode. Because the cameras and the board don’t lie, so bring it—if ya think ya got it!”

More info at facebook.com/rockhardradionetwork and rhradio.com. Check out the new video below!

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