Our Last Night: Age Of Ignorance

If you’ve ever listened to Our Last Night before, their blend of melodies and hardcore growls would be something to remember. In the past few years, they’ve brought fans heavy, pit-inducing, screamo music. Now in 2012, you can clearly hear their maturity. The gritty growling and abundant screaming have ceased, and unbelievably catchy melodies and lighter screaming have been introduced. Normally when a band steps outside of their constructed box, fans are disappointed—but not this time. Fans have no choice but to be captivated by Age Of Ignorance.

The first track, “Fate” catches your attention without hesitation. The breakdown halfway through stays true to their heavier sound, but a Saosin-like chorus from guitarist/vocalist Matt Wentworth follows it. Matt has the ability to take any song down a notch on the hardcore scale. Without his vocals, their sound wouldn’t be as memorable, or as catchy. “Age Of Ignorance” is reminiscent of old Thrice mixed with the band’s trademark heavy guitar. The drums on this song will have your foot tapping from the start.

Fourth on the album is “Reason To Love.” While it’s undeniably memorable, it’s a tad too poppy. Some of Trevor Wentworth’s trademark growls would’ve given this song the kick it needed. The fifth jam, “Liberate Me” is placed very well on the tracklist. Powerful screams matched with crisp vocals from these two brothers make it a standout hit. Some other songs to mention are “Enemy” and the closer, “A Sun That Never Sets.”

The album ends with such power and intensity, making fans want to listen again. Making “A Sun That Never Sets” heavier was the right decision. Hints of their previous years are visible. Their songs have matured, along with their content. It seems as if the band went through a lot of changes in the last couple of years. With their new sound, Our Last Night has settled into a groove, one of maturity and brilliant songwriting. Age Of Ignorance is the must-have album of 2012.

In A Word: Incredible