The Guns: The Guns

The Guns are a punk hardcore band from the early to mid ’80s that has gone unrecognized for decades. It is very unfortunate that these guys never got the attention they deserved. Their style and sound is just as aggressive and full of angst as any other established band from that time. Recently, a reissue of their self-titled full-length album was made, and I was able to get my hands on it only to discover something I have been missing out on.

Nothing is held back with the introductory song, “I’m Not Right.” The drums pick it up immediately with a fast beat and distorted guitar, making the listener want to get up and start a circle pit. An essence of fun is held throughout each song. When it comes to this record, the feeling of deviance is present.

Mixtures of all different kinds of punk are what make this release great. There is ska in the bass, hardcore in the vocals, classic punk in the drums, and surf punk in the guitar. Each song finishes abruptly just before the next one begins in the same fashion. The justification of selling this record so many years later is made by The Guns’ music. It seems that this album was re-issued to show people that this band made their music purely for the sake of rebellious art.

For a hardcore band from Cleveland that existed many moons ago, The Guns certainly have something to them, being that they still manage to capture an audience’s attention. For some reason, this genre just won’t die, and it is apparent that neither will The Guns. They certainly have made their way into my list of bands I listen to.

In A Word: Underrated