Emergency Service: Emergency Service

Blending pop, rock, hip-hop and jazz together is no easy task. Somehow, Emergency Service has managed to do it, and do it well. With dual vocalists Sam Rivers and Ed Matos combining singing and rapping, this group accomplishes diversity. Add in a subtle trumpet by Chris Norton and you’ve got an interesting group of musicians—and a wide fanbase.

During the first song, “Lose Control,” the rap portions take you by surprise. You’re led to believe the band is a normal pop rock group, but then a powerful rapper comes in and blows you away. Even though the vibes are completely opposite, the rap doesn’t take away from the song, but adds to it instead. Opening the second track with a small rap section sets the tone for a high-energy reggae rock jam. The catchy chorus hooks you in within the first two minutes, and the trumpet in the background adds a touch of class to their unique sound.

Rivers and Matos have great vocal chemistry when it comes to combining their styles. With two completely different voices on each track, neither one overrides the other at any point in time. “Around The World” is a great example of vocal harmony between the two men. Even though the beginning of the fourth song, “All I Want,” is slow, it eventually bursts to life a couple of minutes in with Matos’ rap.

“Underestimated” closes the record with a bang. It has a very strong reggae and big band presence. Norton’s trumpet is more prominent, and the drums aren’t as basic as before. With a flare of the trumpet, the album comes to a close. Ending on such a powerful note seems to be an effective way to grab listener’s attention. Wanting more is always a good sign.

In A Word: Versatile