Decomposure: Eating Chicken

Canadian electronic artist Caleb Mueller recently released his fifth full-length album, Eating Chicken, on Sept. 25. Mueller is a graphic artist by day, and his music career was started merely as just a project in the experimental music genre. For anyone who decides to take the leap of faith and listen to Mueller’s release, be patient and open. I cannot emphasize enough on the word “experimental,” but that’s just what it is. The sounds and styles are all over the charts and it takes a while to digest. Once you’ve taken the time to digest the contents of the disc, it makes sense although it shouldn’t.

“Safety Scissors” has a 1980s-esque style to it with a heavy use of synthesizers, then shifting to a Beastie Boys style of rapping. The rapping can take you by surprise matched up with the synthesizers. An unlikely combination of electronic videogame music and delicate vocals are used in “Oh Brother.” Both components of the track are evenly portioned and complement one another. The song that stood out most was “Island.” It is filled with Mueller’s iconic delicate vocals with rapping in the middle and rounding out with a catchy melody.

I can almost guarantee any listener would hear something different each time they listened to Eating Chicken. Although the album is all over the place, it’s not overdone. Artists like Mueller should receive more praise for their non-conventional way of creating music. The artistic intent was evident and executed well. The album takes both your ears and mind on a roller coaster ride filled with highs and lows before coming full circle at the end.

In A Word: Unexpected