The Maldives: Muscle For The Wing

The Maldives are a country rock band from Seattle. The good thing about The Maldives are that they’re not confined to a box. They don’t tie themselves down to the country wagon, and it serves them well. The guitar is bluesy rock, the vocals are on the country side, but the overall vibe is pure rock. Regardless of how you try to pin it, these guys know how to create memorable tunes.

“Blood On The Highway” is an impressive track. The banjo stays true to the country feel, but the guitars showcase their talents. That’s where they really shine. Every single song on this release is different than its predecessor. Being creative and musically diverse is something to take notice of. From the relaxed strumming on “I’m Gonna Try,” to the strong riffs in “Come On, Come On,” this band can do it all.

Since 2005, their musical tastes have been combined to create this polished bluesy country rock, with some twists. One twist being the accordion and organ opening on “Go Back To Virginia.” Dodson’s vocals are raw, emotional and indiscrete. He lets it all out through his lyrics, which isn’t always an easy task. When musicians cram hidden meanings into their songs, it leaves interpretation up to the fans. But when a singer chooses to let the fans into their real struggles, the wall is brought down, and a connection is formed. That’s what this band does. They let you in, and they’re not afraid.

The record makes you want to know more about these Seattle boys. You feel their experiences, whether they are of love or anguish. The nice thing about this album is that it will never get old. Catchy choruses and classic rock and roll guitars will never be out of style, and in turn, neither will Muscle For The Wing.

In A Word: Memorable