Stallone: American Baby

Stallone are a group comprised of ex-members from bands Torche and Cavity. They’re a band made up of four musicians who, from the sound of it, just want to have a good time playing their music. The genre is strictly that of the instrumental, heavy metal nature. Their brand new record, American Baby, was released Oct. 30.

It’s very easy to bang your head to the first riff heard on the opening track, “Ancient Infant,” with its pounding drums and gritty guitar tones that accompany them. There are various moments later on in this track where the bass and drum combo gets a bit quieter, leaving room for some effectual outer space sounding noises to be heard. It sounds as if each sound and tone was chosen ever so carefully for these songs.

Although there are only two guitar players in Stallone, they play with such a heaviness that it sounds like there are more present. There are plenty of nice grooves throughout the release, which is nice to hear. It would be difficult to say that there are slow parts within the songs, for they just get quieter at times.

On the whole, the recording quality and production of American Baby could not be any better than they are, and the volumes are at very fitting levels when they should be. The drums sound fantastic in their organic style. If it were up to me, I would not change a damn thing about any of the music. It sounds like this band knows exactly what they want, and are taking measures to get it!

In A Hyphenated Word: Far-out